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Maria Rapetskaya  Mentor-On-Demand,  Define Your Path  Founder & Creative Director,  Undefined Creative

Maria Rapetskaya
Mentor-On-Demand, Define Your Path
Founder & Creative Director, Undefined Creative

Define Your Path is a place dedicated to helping creatives imagine and design the professional life they truly want.


THE LIBRARY is a growing collection of ideas, advice and reflections written for major publications, such as Adobe's 99U, Fortune, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, and the likes, as well as blog posts that are published exclusively on this site. Prefer listening to reading? Head to the AUDIO LIBRARY for my guest podcast recordings.


For those looking for a personalized approach, I offer mentoring sessions to guide through specific roadblocks, goals or concerns. Unlike many traditional career coaches, I'm a working professional – the founder and creative director of Undefined Creative, a boutique motion graphics agency in New York. I'm subject to the same shifts and trends in the creative industry as those I speak to. I share their professional culture, concerns and frustrations. This naturally alters my approach, which I refer to as on-demand mentorship, rather than career counseling. I'm here to help creatives at all levels develop career trajectories that accurately express their personalities, match their lifestyles and aim for their goals.

If you're interested in a mentoring session, please read about who I help and how I work to make sure it's right approach for you – then email me to set up a session! 


For more content, visit THE LIBRARY or the AUDIO LIBRARY.