3 Wise Quotes and Why the Wisest Words Live Between The Lines

Without learning from other people’s mistakes or taking wise advice along the way, we’d likely fumble through adulthood with little success. I’ve done plenty of both, and a bit of fumbling; but the wise quotes I’ve lived by and built my business on weren’t given as explicit advice.

Instead, these little gems were takeaways from conversations with people whose opinions and life choices I respected. While their stories inspired my own interpretations and conclusions, I’ll always remember the origins of these lessons.

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The Perfect Other Half

Finding The Ideal Partner for your Small Business.

Plenty of companies are born when one person with one set of skills has one idea. But entrepreneurship doesn’t often stay a solo affair forever. At some point, you may want to bring in a partner to help you with the parts of your business that don’t play to your strengths. One thing entrepreneurs don’t always consider is that in vetting a potential partner, they’ve also got to be scrupulously honest with themselves about their own needs, working style, and priorities.

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Startups Are Personal: Don't Lose Focus On Your Values

We continue the discussion in our lessons learned series with another piece on how personal values can shape or impact your business. In our last post, co-author Mike Willee and I discussed how entrepreneurs often become overwhelmed by the day-to-day stress of running their business and trying to do everything. We also examined how that stress can lead to decisions that ultimately steer the company away from its original goals.

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When panicking isn't an option.

Getting from crisis to success requires confidence in your ability to pull off some seemingly impossible feat. Where do you look for that confidence when you need it most – when you're the person in charge and everyone expects you to pull this together.

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The Second Leap: From Lone Freelancer to Full-Fledged Entrepreneur.

Why hating to work for someone else doesn't automatically make you capable of working for yourself.

If you’re a freelance creative toying with the idea of starting a company, you’re not alone. We’ve entered the age of entrepreneurship, where the “lean startup” is glorified and its trials are handsomely rewarded. Working for someone else, particularly in creative circles, can be seen as capitulation of ambition, a near failure. And freelancing, especially when you’re expected to schlep into an office, can appear a step shy of the freedom and financial prospects that “real” entrepreneurship holds.

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