This Common Business Practice Kills Diversity Efforts

A few weeks ago, New York City passed the Freelance Isn’t Free Act, which mandates payment within 30 days on all freelance invoices. This is a great step toward protecting an increasingly independent workforce from exploitation in the gig economy. But getting your invoices paid is only half the battle. These days, many of us–especially in creative fields–find ourselves battling for the right to invoice at all.

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You’re Never Too Young (or Old) to Mentor

Mentoring always came natural to me. My first few gigs post college were teaching animation workshops to kids and grownups alike. As I got on with my career, I dispensed advice to friends and associates who found me increasingly qualified to consult. Eventually, I began teaching at a more professional level, even returning to my alma mater as an adjunct professor. When I decided to form an internship program at my boutique motion graphics company, I built in mentoring as part of the experience. 

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Feeling Stuck?
Think Beyond Yourself.

Enrich your business and your life through volunteering.

I love our clients. But sometimes, our clients aren’t enough. Our production cycle fluctuates. Bursts of creative beginnings lead to spells of monotonous production. It may keep the lights on, but it does little for the soul. I imagine all, save the luckiest in our industry, run on a version of this treadmill. As founder and creative director of an upstart full-service agency, I know it all too well.

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