This Common Business Practice Kills Diversity Efforts

A few weeks ago, New York City passed the Freelance Isn’t Free Act, which mandates payment within 30 days on all freelance invoices. This is a great step toward protecting an increasingly independent workforce from exploitation in the gig economy. But getting your invoices paid is only half the battle. These days, many of us–especially in creative fields–find ourselves battling for the right to invoice at all.

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The Second Leap: From Lone Freelancer to Full-Fledged Entrepreneur.

Why hating to work for someone else doesn't automatically make you capable of working for yourself.

If you’re a freelance creative toying with the idea of starting a company, you’re not alone. We’ve entered the age of entrepreneurship, where the “lean startup” is glorified and its trials are handsomely rewarded. Working for someone else, particularly in creative circles, can be seen as capitulation of ambition, a near failure. And freelancing, especially when you’re expected to schlep into an office, can appear a step shy of the freedom and financial prospects that “real” entrepreneurship holds.

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