I focus on specifically on the creative community, because we really are a special breed. For many of us, the distinction between work and life is very blurry. That means traditional talk about work-life balance and keeping your 9-5 out of your 5-9 makes little sense. Creative people tend to have a plethora of projects, interests, hobbies, which all compete for time. Paying the bills while feeding the soul isn't easy, but we frequently forget to credit ourselves sufficiently enough for our wins. 

Many of us think we know what we’re want and where we are heading. But, when asked to describe that direction, we fall back to generalities, platitude, and worse, complete contradictions. Professional, and personal, success requires aligning your goals with your actions, your beliefs and your desires. There is no "one-size fits all." As a mentor, I'm here to help untangle your thoughts and find your blindspots.

What I enjoy most is brainstorming and inspiring off-the-beaten path approaches to creative careers. 

There are also the questions of objectivity... At what point can our hobbies replace careers? Are we accurately assessing our skills? Are our immediate ambitions in line with reality? Are we aiming too low? 


I provide the ear of someone who’s been in every stage of this game, from student to full time employee to freelancer, a solopreneur, a business partner and finally, a graduated entrepreneur. 

Each session deals with one question/topic only. My goal is to help you find possible answers – or the answer – to this specific current dilemma. If you're experiencing general career-related anxiety, roadblock or problem, but aren't sure why, we'll work together to find the right question.

Keeping our conversation focused increases the probability of reaching actionable conclusions, or at the very least, re-orienting you in the right direction to continue brainstorming on your own. 

If you enjoy working with me, and find true value in having a mentor, following our initial conversation, you sign up for a series of check-up sessions at your own intervals. Depending on what you're trying to accomplish that could be anywhere from once a quarter to once a year. 


This is not "career therapy."

We won't attempt tackle a laundry list of problems in one shot, or over a long series of sessions. 

I won't ask you to spend hours on filling out worksheets. Frankly, neither of us has the time for that. Nor will I encourage you to spend time or money on working with me frequently. The goal is not dependency, or a pattern of discussion without action. On a rare occasion, I may suggest doing a second session, but keeping each call centered on one topic generally eliminates the need for that. 

Each session is a tune-up, not an exhaustive overhaul. If you have several questions, we will start with what's most pressing. Then, in a few weeks, you can reassess your original questions to see which, if any, still need asking.   


Mentoring sessions are conducted over the phone, but if you strongly prefer an in-person session, please contact me for details. For entrepreneurs, the session is 90 minutes long. For freelancers and other working creatives, the session is 60 minutes. For recent graduates, it is 30 minutes.

You have the option of booking up to two followup sessions to discuss progress and refine your path. I strongly advise taking at least four weeks before you opt for a followup. Allow yourself time to act on your initial takeaway first. Any new topic of discussion will begin a new session at the appropriate session cost. 

Please book at least a week in advance, as I will need to send you pre-session questions and have time to review your answers, resume, portfolio, etc.

Click on any session title to go directly to booking

Entrepreneur Initial Session (90 min)  –  $400*
Entrepreneur Follow-up (60 min)  – $200
Entrepreneur Returning Session (90 min)  –  $300

Regular Initial Session (60 min) – $300*
Regular Follow-up (30 min) – $100
Regular Returning Session (60 min) – $200

Recent Graduates (30 min) – FREE***

Package of 4 Check-ups for Entrepreneurs (90 min each) – $1400**
Package of 4 Regular Check-up Sessions (60 min each) – $1000**

* This includes my time spent on getting to know you and the details of your current professional situation prior to our call, which will not be necessary for any subsequent sessions.

**Please contact me to sign up via PayPal. 

***Prior to booking a free session, you MUST contact me and provide the following for consideration: your LinkedIn profile, your resume, your website, your school, degree and date of graduation. Please note I offer this for those who just completed a 4-year undergraduate program in a creative major ONLY.